Blender Day 6/50 - Materials and Forms

Spent another day playing around with materials, forms, and lighting. I revisited the tutorial for the cupcake to remember how to make the wrapper and the cream, which definitely highlighted just how much I forgot in just a few days ago. Hopefully, repetition and an increasing familiarity with the tools will make that easier in time.

You can tell I had a lot of fun with emissions in this. My major lighting source is actually a gigantic plane with an emission shader. Fun!

This was also my first time dabbling with the text feature, and I could not for the life of me find the extrude settings (it was under “Geometry” in Text Properties).

A few items I want to highlight after revisiting the cupcake tutorial:

  • The mirror modifier is so great for making regular, but interesting forms.
  • f lets you fill in a face if you have a loop of vertices selected (alt + LMB)