Data & Visuals at The Guardian US

A set of visualizations I've worked on as a data journalist at The Guardian US.

GIF of a 3D model of a street newspaper stand, rotating.
Trash Club

Trash Club is a community platform for the ongoing investigation and collective engagement with waste management in New York City and beyond.

Screenshot of custom web interface for Open Space for a 'Roast Tour of the Solar System'
Tabletop Live: NYTimes Elections in XR

A Unity application with a Google Realtime DB that allows users capture interesting moments of a political debate in a networked, augmented-reality interface.

Image of a scatterplot of satellite data.
Enigma: Newsletter Graphics

A number of static graphics created for the Enigma "Between Two Rows" monthly newsletter.

GIF of changing distrubtion graphs about mortgage loans.
Enigma: Reports & Blogs

A number of analyses and visualizations created for Enigma's blog and internal reports.

Animated map of the world, with yellow lines showing imports of gold being send into the United States.
Enigma: Interactive Map of Gold Imports

A interactive map of U.S. gold imports created in conjunction with larger research project.

GIF of bookshelf with words 'What Can A Library Do?' appearing in the bookshelf, one word at a time.
ITP Thesis: Library of Wanders

An interactive network visualization for a biblio-centric collection of texts, featuring "hand-woven" connections between each item and an backend.

GIF of a 3D model of a street newspaper stand, rotating.
100 Days of 3D Scans

This Instagram project intends to capture 100 days of practice around the art of 3D scanning. It is an impetus to experiment with different subjects and methods.

Screenshot of custom web interface for Open Space for a 'Roast Tour of the Solar System'
Web Tool for Open Space

A browser interface for controlling the navigation on AMNH's Open Space planetarium system. Made for the LES Girls Club.

Screenshot of title slide with words 'Data Visualization with Python & Adobe Illustrator
Workshop: Data Visualization with Python + Adobe Illustrator

An introduction to a Python pandas + matplotlib + Illustator data visualization workflow. Run for 2019 ITP Camp.

Old-school yellow rotary phone on carpet.
Calling Alexander

A 1970's rotary phone that has been programmmed to summon documents from the Library of Congress.

GIF of a 'Happy Birthday' cake, that explodes (edible) glitter as it is sliced with a knife.
Exploding Glitter Cake

A capacitive touch cake that explodes with glitter when cut. Uses Amitabh Shrivastava's Programmable Air project for pneumatics.

A hand holding a portable battery device and a raspberry pi with WiFi antenna attached.
Pi Wifi Sensor

A Raspberry Pi contraption that passively listens to the wifi transmissions around it. Part of larger bus ridership analysis for CUSP Urban Sensing class.

A small cylindrical robot with a solar panel top. Air plants attached to its sides.

A power-saving, sun-loving bot that periodically roams and sleeps. In collaboration with James Hosken.

Screenshot of iPhone interface, showing list of subway stations.
Access to Places

A prototype for a mobile application that seeks to make NYC Subways navigable for blind and visually-impaired travellers. In collaboration with Emily Lin, Antonio Guimaraes, and Luming Hao.

Illustrated diagram of breadboard and Arduino.
Workshop: Tiny Chip, Mega Fun

A workshop run for 2019 ITP UnConference. Teaches participants how to program an ATTiny85 chip and run code to control Neopixel strip.

Person wearing embroidered jacket, hugging themselves.
Music Between Us

A pair of jackets embroidered with conductive thread. Touching the jacket in various locations triggers a soundscape. In collaboration with Jiwon Shin.

Screen capture of text of NYTimes article, with quote first shown as yellow highlight and then, blacked out as though redacted.
Grapevine: A Chrome Extension

An extension that hides content from anonymous sources in NYTimes articles.

Map of NYC showing restaurants, with two small restaurant rating charts. Details of charts are not visually apparent.
Enigma: Restaurant Grades App

A series of Mapbox maps showing restaurant health grades and related data. In collaboration with Vivien Ngo.

Triptych of illustrated creature (the same image is repeated thrice), with title of 'ALCHEMY'.

A webgame that highlights privacy risks associated with consumer actions. In collaboration with Eileen Townsend, Kevin Sun, and Laurent Bastien Corbeil.

Screenshot of CJR headline: What makes a good FOIA request? We studied 33,000 to find out.
Columbia Journalism Review: What makes a good FOIA request?

An textual analysis of over 30,000 FOIA requests. Primarily involvement was in scraping the related data from In collaboration with Nic Dias and Laurent Bastien Corbeil.

Screenshot of White House Fellows Newsletter
White House Fellows Newsletter

A redesign of the White House Fellows newsletter.

Poster for NYU Civic Team's Senior Prom, featuring illustrated tree, made up of snowflakes.
NYU Civic Team Marketing

Marketing materials created while serving as the board chair.

Screenshot of ancient James Franco fan-site.
Teenage Rashida: Celebrity Fan-sites

Remnants of 15-year-old Rashida.