Enigma - Reports & Blogs

Throughout my time at Enigma Technologies, I wrote a number of blog posts that explored a particular public dataset to show what was available in Enigma Public. I primarily used python-based data tools(pandas + matplotlib) to create the basic structure of a chart, and then finished the design in Adobe Illustrator. For maps, I used a combined workflow of QGIS to Illustator. I also used a command-line tool called ImageMagick to produce of the gifs. Below is a selection of charts and graphics I made in this capacity, along with links to the original posts.

Mapping Fentanyl and the Data Gaps in the Opioids Crisis(LINK)

Theranos: Tracking a Startup in Trouble Through Public Data(LINK)

Puerto Rico Post-Maria: Peering into Catastrophe through a Corporate RSS Feed(LINK)

A New Lending Strategy: Mortgages That Are Too Big to Fail(LINK)

How Public Data Drives Proactive Prevention of Financial Crimes in the Wake of Disaster(LINK)

Interactive version here.

Look at the Logs! (FOIA Edition) (LINK)

I also completed a number of other posts that were informed by data and related documents, but did not necessarily have a significant visual component: