Fabrication: Dido's Delirium, or A White Flag of Defeat

For my last assignment, I decided to mount a white flag of defeat to a DC motor (all in the name of good fun, of course). Thanks to James Hosken, I had a nice little L-shaped design against which to mount my actual motor:

I implemented a variation of this design, based on the 2x4 blocks of wood I had from before. As per always, I relied on the straight edge of lovely, lovely blue tape to help me make my cut on the miter saw.

Once cut, I attached the two pieces of wood using wood screws. As you’ll see below, it took a great many number of clamps to get the job done right.

I had measured my screws with my digital caliper, but sometimes measuring doesn’t freaking matter. I tested both 7/64” and 1/8” holes for the wood screws in the shop. And though 7/64” lined better with my measurements, it was the 1/8” hole that allowed me to insert my screws without disturbing the peace of the ITP shop.

I had borrowed a wooden dowel (sorry James, it’s probably ruined forever) and drilled a 1/4” hole in its base where it could engage with the shaft of the dc motor. I also drilled an 1/8” hole into its side so that I could insert a set screw to hold this nonesense in place. I also had a brass rod I wanted to to insert through the top of the dowel to hold my flag. I drilled a 1/8” hole clean to the other side (but yes, crooked, thank you for asking).

I found some spare white fabric in the Soft Lab, and attached it to my rod and dowel setup using pins (a survey of nearby peers confirmed that this would best captured the defeatism symbolism I wanted the flag to embody). Here it is in all it’s glory:

And again: