Animation: Experiments in Unreal

It was fun diving into Unreal for the first time. It’s clearly a really powerful tool. It reminds me a bit of the Sims, which is great. I took a Sims-like approach to what I made for homework. I wanted to construct a set for my Mrs. Davis character. Mrs. Davis, if you’ll remember from my last post, is my 4th grade teacher. She was really lovely, and when I wondered what Mrs. Davis would be up to today, I thought she might be working at a startup like the other cool kids.

Initially, I wanted to animate an office party scene with many other characters, but given my troubles with Fuse crashing constantly, and I decided that the party would only feature Mrs. Davis animations.

The party became a nightmare, featuring Mrs. Davis’s birthday with many Mrs. Davis’s having a variety of reactions to the momentous occassion. I struggled a bit with getting the camera to behave as I wanted but there is the result regardless:

I realized I showed the wrong tiny clip in class, but alas.