Soft Robotics: Flat-Patterned Inflatables

For my flat-patterned inflatables exploration, I focused on a butterfly-like shape and tried a few different styles of internal restrains/internal welds to attempt to direct the movement in a more intentional manner.

The main factors I varied throughout my designs were the orientation and size of the internal welds. For one of the designs, I played with changing the shape of the primary air channel, but that was my least successful form (Experiment #3).

I’ve presented my sketches below, along with the relevant videos.

(Special thank you to Jackie Liu who appears in some of the documentation!)

Experiment #1

Experiment #2

Experiment #3

Experiment #4

Experiment #5

If there’s time, I would love to try some of my “Designs I did not built (yet)” drawings on the lasercutter.