Homemade Hardware: Final BOM

I’m hoping to combine my final for Homemade Hardware with my final for Energy. James and I are constructing a solar-powered rover that seeks light. My work on the rover has focused on the use of a 555-timing circuit. The circuit is based on this tutorial: 555 Oscillator Tutorial.

The schematic I’m interested in can be seen below:

I’ve breadboarded this particular circuit a million times, but I would be very interested in having an Eagle design of this circuit because I think it can be useful in many applications beyond our solar rover. Essentially, it would allow me to power any load for a given amount of time (and then be off for a given about of time, as per my RC duty cycle).

I would like to keep R1, R2, and C1 modular, so I would likely put in header pins in place of those components.


  • 555 Timer IC
  • 2 diodes
  • 2 resistors (or 2-prong headers)
  • 2 capacitors (or 2-prong headers)