Time: Clock #1

For my first sketch, I built a clock interface that is meant to interact with your own internal clock (or perhaps more forgively, your sense of time).


There are several ways this has room for improvement:

  • As we learned in class, the pathway of a clock is not half circle around the sky, but rather, the shape of the path depends of your location on the globe and the time of year (read: the earth’s path around the Sun). Right now, this prototype is very naively representing the path of the Sun, but this may be improved in future iterations by either building your own sun calculator to affect the geometry of the path or querying the appropriate API and by making the consideration of the Sun’s position with greater accuracy, with respect to its elevation and azimuth.
  • The mouse interaction is janky.
  • The feedback to the user about how their guess compares with the real position of the sun could be re-designed into something that reports more precisely about the user’s error rate.